think carbon free
heal the planet
journey to net zero

A corporation’s net zero strategy should be uniqueandprovide a clear blueprint for their business’ future plans.

measure your carbon footprint
Measure your carbon footprint and set eco-friendly targets
develop your strategy
Reduce carbon emissions by strategy-building through footprinting analysis
reduce your carbon emissions
Invest in projects that would avoid the emission of greenhouse gases
offset unavoidable emissions
Offset your carbon footprint for the emissions you cannot avoid
about us

EOS Climate stands as a premier sustainability consultancy firm, dedicated to addressing and mitigating environmental impacts with a strong commitment to comprehensive climate strategy.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services, built over 15 successful years, encompasses a broad range of specialized areas including the development and implementation of comprehensive net zero emission strategies, expert supply chain carbon management solutions, in-depth carbon footprint analysis, strategic offsetting, Voluntary Carbon Market projects, and all-inclusive sustainability reporting.

Marking our footprint in the field of climate action and sustainability, we have masterfully developed over 200 projects in adherence to globally recognized standards such as the Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard and Global Carbon Council.



Let's reach net zero together.